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SaniCar™: Enjoy A Germ-Free Ride

On average, individuals spend 293 hours behind the wheel per year, with around 700 strains of bacteria lurking around. This makes it incredibly important to thoroughly clean the interior of your car, killing germs in the process. For businesses who own a large fleet, it’s equally important to ensure their staff and customers are protected from all viruses and bacteria.

Boecker® SaniCar™ service guarantees the elimination of all germs that multiply inside your car by implementing a very targeted protocol. It also works on purifying the air inside your car eliminating all bad odours and humidity. Our vehicle disinfection service is suitable for many essential modes of transport, from taxi fleet cars, coach buses, ride-sharing to local authority vehicles. 

Our germ-control professionals will deliver the service with a minimal disruption to your daily life or business and ensure your vehicles are returned germ-free in no time.

Targeting High-Touch Surfaces And Fittings

Our germ control professionals will start the treatment by precise spraying of door handles, steering wheels, in-car display screens, seat belts, gear sticks and car flooring.

Internal Vehicle Fogging

Once precise spraying is done, we will sanitise your indoor air by ULV fogging, followed by seat sanitising, tyre power misting and trunk sanitising.

Specialist AC Sanitisation And Disinfection

The most important component that directly affects the vehicle’s indoor air quality is the air conditioner. That’s why our AC treatments eliminate bad odour and control humidity by removing 99.9999% of pathogens.

Vehicle Disinfection Services Proven To Reduce Bacteria Transmission

This service reduces over 90% of the pathogens in the car and is applied based on a customised protocol based on vehicle size and usage.

Our disinfecting treatments are implemented by highly-trained professionals using high-precision sophisticated equipment and are safe in the presence of people including children. The disinfectants used during our treatments are 100% biodegradable, safe, non-corrosive & non-irritant.

The Infection Control Plan™ controls, treats and prevents all types of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, biofilm, moulds on walls and ceilings, algae and viruses. Narrow-spectrum antibiotics target a few types of bacteria which might leave harmful germs lurking around you.

Known to be highly resistant to conventional disinfectants, biofilms harbour colonies of microorganisms by encasing and helping them to survive. ICP™ disintegrates this slimy coating that is usually seen with water surfaces or tanks, inside industrial pipes, contaminated waste, contaminated soil and others.

Our field professionals focus on both critical and hard-to-reach areas that can be assessed with the use of professional specialist equipment, snake cameras and controlled droplet application.

  • Low pressure sprays
  • Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) sprays
  • Ultra-flex sprays
  • Heavy duty power sprays

The products used in our disinfection treatments are proven to prevent germs from developing resistance due to the residual effect that continues to eliminate microorganisms for weeks.

  • Odourless disinfectants
  • Colourless and leaves no stains on any kind of fabric
  • Residual effect continues to protect an area for weeks

We use professional disinfectants with patented technology that are effective against 99.999% of microorganisms within 30 seconds of contact.

  • Active in extreme cold (< 4ºC) and hot temperatures (up to 121ºC).
  • Active in extreme pH: 3 to 11
  • Active with up to 30% organic matter

Start living pest-free!

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Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, sustainability is a core value that guides our actions. We believe in delivering our products and services responsibly while prioritizing the protection of the environment. To achieve this, we are dedicated to reducing emissions and utilizing natural resources in a responsible manner. Additionally, we strive to develop environmentally-friendly products and processes that align with our commitment to sustainability.

About Us

Boecker® is proud to be a part of Rentokil Initial, a renowned global services company with a presence in over 80 countries. With a rich history of over 90 years in the industry, Rentokil Initial is recognized as a leader in providing various services. Boecker® specifically holds the distinction of being the largest public health company in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey) region. This affiliation allows us to leverage global expertise and resources to deliver exceptional services to our customers in the region.

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