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Boecker® is focused on route-based services, predominantly in pest control, germ control, food safety, hygiene and premium scenting as well as a range of other smaller specialized services.

Boecker® caters to a diverse range of customers, including multinational pharmaceutical, industrial, and food production companies, as well as local shops, restaurants, and homes. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, which has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. As a result, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of clients.

Boecker® Pest Control Process

Be it termites, cockroaches, rodents or something even Google can't identify, we have your residential or commercial premises covered.

We will conduct a deep and thorough inspection to determine the type of pests that are infesting your premises, the source of the infestation, their breeding sites and the conducive conditions.

  • 10+ branches across the MENAT region with combined global expertise
  • Calls returned within 24 hours
  • No-obligation quote and recommendations


We provide a wide range of chemical and non-chemical products that can effectively reduce any pest’s infestation and guarantee an efficient control of the pest problem or high maintenance of the pest-free environment.

  • Certified, local pest control professionals
  • Environmentally-sensitive approach
  • Child & pet-friendly treatments


Our professional team will follow up to evaluate the efficiency of the treatments and take the necessary control measures to guarantee a long-lasting protection.

  • Detailed post-service recommendations and reporting
  • Pest prevention aftercare and advice
  • Optimal reduction of the spread of infectious pathogens


Germ Control Solutions

Boecker® offers a range of germ control solutions which limit and interrupt the spread of drug-resistant infections through comprehensive infection control products and services.

The Infection Control Plan™

The Infection Control Plan™ (ICP™) is an on-site service designed by Boecker® to safely and effectively eliminate all microorganisms through well-defined disinfecting treatments and provide a healthier environment for working and living.


Vortex™ AC Ducts Cleaning & Disinfecting

Boecker® offers Vortex™, a unique service that aims to provide a healthier indoor environment and improved air flow efficiency through HVAC system cleaning and sanitising performed by field professionals.



Boecker® is bringing you a whole new level of hygienic solutions for your vehicle. SaniCar™ service guarantees the elimination of all germs that multiply inside your car and lurk on almost every surface we touch and in the air we breathe.


The SafeChildCare™ Certification

The Safe ChildCare™ certification is a year-round control program for child care facilities like pre-schools, kindergartens, daycares and nurseries that aims to guarantee peace of mind for both parents and business owners from any public health hazard.


Mould Treatment

Our professionals can handle your mould problem and limit the damage it can cause to your property and health with proper identification of the root cause and the right treatments.


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